January 11, 1994

On January 11, 29 years ago today, a newborn girl was found in a gutter.

The first few days of my life are unknown. My date of birth is unknown. No name, no family.

“When life begins with the trauma of maternal separation, life is built upon that separation. To believe an adoptee can simply “get over” being adopted is like telling a non-adopted person to get over being alive.

I’m not telling my story to convince anyone that adoptee trauma is real. I’m telling my story because it is, and I deserve the healing that happens with every word.” – Ferera Swan

One thought on “January 11, 1994

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I was abandoned at an orphanage in New Dehli, India at 1 yr old. I was given a new name, and age. I was adopted in 1983 by a wonderful couple, and had a wonderful childhood, growing up in Ohio. I am 40 now, live in Cincinnati, and have 3 kids and 1 grandkid. I too still struggle with not knowing my biological parents, as I was told they are deceased. I am still looking today for any immediate family I may have, but have only found some 4th cousins through Ancestry. I can totally relate, and please know that you are not alone in this journey…thank you again so much for sharing:)


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